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You are now leaving the 21st Century!
Continuing will take you back to the 1900's
Below is the old fastion way of explaining things with "Words"

AllToVR uses 3rd grade grammar.

It’s easy to use good grammar,
just click on a word in the column(s) that appear.
As you choose a word; that column will disappear and the word you choose will be displayed.

Let’s start by clicking the Menu button and then click “Play”,

"Articles are first,
“ALL” sentences start with an article and there are only two;
“a” and “the”

Now, describe it!
English allows three possibilities at this point; “Scale”, “Color” or “Noun”; scale and color are optional;
Nouns are required….
We will detail the syntax of other languages later.

Adjectives describe the noun/object;
What size is it? Big/Tall;
What color is it? Red,Blue,Green,…

Once you have chosen a noun/object;

What is the noun/object doing?
Verb is next and is optional, or click on “period” completing the sentence.
If you selected a verb; “Adverb” and/or “Preposition” is next and are optional, or click on “period” to end the sentence; More about ending a sentence in a moment,

Congratulations! You have just created a “Thought”!

If you have NOT clicked on “Period”; then what “Relationship” does this thought have to the next thought you (or the next player) are going to create?

You can choose multiple “Prepositions”; just click on “and” between each preposition (above AND behind).
The advanced form of the game you can create multiple thoughts per turn. Click on “Again” to continue, or click on “Done” to finish your turn.

You will see your name appear and the thought you created. As each player completes their thought(s) the players name and thought will appear. When all the players have finished, then click on “Finish Turn” to generate a new picture.

So if you create a new sentence
“A red box spinning below a green cone.”; you will see this picture,

At anytime you can click on “Details” and then “Show Full Text” to show the words that are being used to create the present picture. Many sentences create a paragraph.

Now for creating additional sentences:
At anytime a new sentence can reference a noun already in the paragraph such as the blue fish left of the “green cone”. Referencing Nouns MUST use the color and the noun. A green deer is different than a red deer (scale will be required in future versions). Referenced Nouns can be anywhere in the sentence; for example create the following:
“A blue fish left of a green cone left of a pink bridge”.
Front View
Side View

Now let’s go passed the basics;
“a big aqua boat spinning fast behind and above the tall brown cone rolling fast above and left of a green cone left and above of an orange flamingo spinning.”
Front View
Side View

The number of sentences and the number of nouns per sentences are based upon the level of service you have chosen when you created your account.
A Basic account is allowed 5 sentences and 10 nouns per sentence. The standard account is allowed 10 sentences and 10 nouns per sentence.

This is what a maximum standard account looks like! 100 nouns with over 800+ words.

You can SEE why English is so confusing!

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